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Why Change Locks

Ten good reasons why you should change the locks on your house or business premises;

  1. If you have just moved in to a house / flat / office etc as a tenant or owner. There is a good chance that several people that you don’t know will have keys to your front door and may even know your alarm code! Change the locks – it will cost you less than you think and may save you losing everything. If someone enters your property with a key and steals everything but there is no sign of forced entry your insurers may not be prepared to pay out.
  1. If someone has left the dwelling or business on bad terms – unless you are 100% sure that they DO NOT have keys – change the locks!
  1. If you have bought a brand new property – congratulations! Remember, before you moved in, dozens of people had access to the property throughout the construction and viewing period – any one of them could still have keys to your new front door.
  1. If you live in a property built in the good old days when ‘we used to leave our front door unlocked all night’. Then the physical security of your property may need upgrading and improving by fitting modern insurance compliant locks on doors and windows – I can provide a low cost physical security survey and offer advice and recommendations if your security needs to be improved.

  2. if you take out or renew your home or business insurance and you are required to make a declaration about the locks then make sure you do have the locks fitted that you claim to have fitted. If you make a false declaration you may find your insurance is invalid when you need it most. If you are not sure what type of locks you have, I can carry out a survey and provide a written report.
  1. If you have lost a set of keys to your house or business premises – change the locks. Do not assume that because there are no identifying marks on the key bunch that someone didn’t see you drop the keys and therefore knows who they belong to.
  1. If you have had keys stolen either on their own or in a handbag or briefcase – change the locks. There is every chance that the thief will find details of where you live amongst the contents of the bag or simply stole the keys because they know where you live!
  1. If a lock is becoming difficult to operate and takes a lot of wiggling and jiggling of the key to make it work – change the lock. At some point the lock will not operate at all and you could be locked in or out of your property or not be able to secure it at all.
  1. If keys are excessively worn and not working as well as they used to – change the locks. It is pointless getting a new key cut using a worn key as the cutting pattern – you will just have a shiny new key the exact same shape as the worn key!
  1. The locks on your double glazed doors protrude more than 5mm from the door or the door furniture. If that is the case, the locks could be easily bypassed by an experienced burglar who could gain access in a couple of minutes.

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