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Slamlocks Slamlocks

As the name implies a slamlock automatically locks and secures as the door is closed, requiring the use of the legitimate key to regain access. Due to the automatic operation of a slam lock they are recommended for load area doors and are ideal for multi-drop situations.

VanLox will upgrade and convert the standard vehicle (O.E.) locks fitted to vehicle load doors, to genuine slam operation. Our kit replaces the manufacturer's vulnerable barrel, and internal mechanism where appropriate, with High Security custom designed products, designed to resist attack and tampering. We do not endorse the practice of 'upgrading' the O.E. lock to slam operation by the addition of springs, this method offers no additional protection to the door and cannot be considered a security upgrade by itself


This range offers the best of both worlds in load door security; slam operation with additional deadlocking when operated by the driver. These locks are generally utilised on twin rear load door installations.


Deadlocks Deadlocks

Deadlocks are the most common type of supplementary vehicle lock, available in a wide range of door specific kits to meet your requirements or those of your customer.

Euro-deadlocks fitted by VanLox, are true deadlocks; they have an internal mechanism which only 'lifts' when the correct key is being used to unlock the device. This prevents the lock bolt being pushed back into the lock case. Cheaper 'deadlocks' often rely solely on the actual key barrel to provide 'deadlocking', resulting in a much lower level of security.

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