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Mobile Locksmith Services

IF IT NEEDS UNLOCKING - RING DAN TOPPING Local 01782 643764, Free 0800 258 5577, Mobile 07843 353100


My good reputation is extremely important to me and I offer the following commitment;

If you need my services and I say ‘I will be there’, then I will be there! Any unforeseen delays will be communicated to you as soon as possible with an estimated time of arrival

When I give you a fixed price quotation it is valid for a minimum of 14 days and will remain fixed with no hidden extras

A quotation is a quotation and not an ‘estimate’
Any advice I provide will be based on my knowledge, experience and the information you provide and will be in the best interests of you, the customer

I will not encourage anyone to have unnecessary work carried out or try and ‘sell’ locks or other products that are not needed

Should problems arise with work that I have carried out as a result of faulty goods or poor workmanship, I will endeavour to put the problem right as soon as is practicably possible and at no additional cost

Please provide me with the means to clean up after I have finished work and I will do so. E.g. a vacuum cleaner

Local 01782 643764, Free 0800 258 5577, Mobile 07843 353100
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